Monday, July 14, 2008

FOR SALE - St. Peterburg's LOMO LC-A [the taiko of LOMO]

ST. PETERBURG'S LOMO LC-A [with Russian Lens]
* the TAIKO of all LOMO * [ Just SOLD !! ~ Thanks to AWGku]
** the Legend **

Pics : Here , (Brilliant shots !!)

Pics : Here

++ Size: 4.25" (10.5cm) x 2.5" (6cm) x 1.6" (4cm)
++ Weight: 0.65lb (0.3kg)
++ Format: all 35mm (color negative, slide, b&w)
++ Lens: Minitar 1 32/2.8 (Multicoated)
++ Focal length: 32mm
++ Available apertures: 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16
++ Shutter speeds: 1/500 to unlimited (via auto-exposure)
++ Exposure: program automatic (selects aperture & shutter automatically)
++ Multiple Exposure switch for unlimited shots on 1 frame
++ Flash: standard hotshoe with second-curtain sync
++ Offer @ BND$515

The Legendary Minitar 1 32/2.8 lens
The single greatest attribute taken from the original Lomo LC-A design. This multi-coated little beauty is the reason for most of the Lomo’s magical & famous effects – including over-intense color saturation, sharp contrast, vignetting at the edges, occasionally selective focus, and a whole host of other quirks that only the Lomo’s analog wizardy can deliver. Like the original, this Minitar 1 is made exactly to Professor Radionov’s exacting specifications, and is hand-crafted with love and pride. The glass is multicoated to minimize internal reflections and maximize color and contrast. Its wide angle view captures a healthy chunk of everything in front of you and its bright f/2.8 maximum aperture lets all that natural, ambient light come streaming right in. The Minitar 1 lens is produced in two locations. The LC-A+ RL lens is produced at the original LOMO factory of St. Petersburg, Russia. Both lenses share identical specifications, and are capable of producing the same gorgeous, Lomo-style images.


Anonymous said...

where can we meet up?..

I will take the LC-a today.

send you an email too.

Zafirah said...

weee, who's that buying the LCA today. come out from the silence. i want to talk 'cs ive got LCA too!!

retroman said...

There are 2 types of Lc-A now in the market, The 'Ori' Ones are those from St. Petersburg with russian lenses and the newer ones are those using china lenses.. .

zafirah said...

er... are you saying that to me?

i know i know. mine's original straight from :) and its lens are of the russians'.

retroman said...

err.... nope, :)
just some additional info .. :)

Z said...

great. i thought you're pointing that out for me. haha.

great collection. kalau ada anything like hasselblad or mamiya kah, bretau, okay?

do you have online gallery?