Thursday, December 31, 2009

Russian LOMO Smena 6 (Black/Grey body) [SOLD]

Russian LOMO SMENA 6 [ grey & black body]

pics : here & pics : here & here

Cameras Smena-6 were produced by factory "LOMO" since 1961 up to 1969. There is a synchronizer and selftimer

Film accept: 35mm
Frame size 24X36mm
Shutter speed - 1/15, 1/30,1/60, 1/125, 1/250,"B".
Lenses: T-43, Diafragm: 4-16

- one unit of LOMO SMENA6 [grey & black body]
- comes in original brown leather casing/pouch
- Very very good condition ( as new)
- offer NOW ONLY @ BND$155

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Highly Collectables - NIKON F2 Silver Body !!

Review & About : Here & Here

NIKON F2 [silver body] with Original Nikkor 1:1.8, 50mm lens
- one unit of NIKON F2 [silver body] with Lens
- useable mint condition
- comes with a Original Nikkor 1:1.8, 50mm lens
- shutter speed ~ B till 2000
- serial # F2 - 8060093
- Stealing Price = BND$550

Legendary KODAK ELITEchrome 400 36 exp

The very last of my batch for this legendary film, KODAK ELITECHROME 400 36exp!!!
After this, I will have none at all anymore as my supplier has made his millions and decided to retire.

Lomography and others site are selling this beauty at a very very high price.

This is one of my fav film for the x-processed works.

I currently have 4 pallets and each pallets consisted of 20 juicy rolls,
that means I ONLY have 80 rolls with me.

BND$7.50 a pop for less than 10 rolls
BND$7.00 a pop for over 10 rolls.

Bring your dough boys and girls.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Project Cafe Racer For SALE

For sale :: a unit of Cafe Racer, based on the 50's British bike set up. Thousands of dollars and many many man-hours has been spent on it. Big Cafe tanks, Rear sets, New Paintwork, One-Off seat pan, New controls, Overhauled Engine, New Levers, New Bars, New Bolts, Etc Etc.. Too many to list ... A lot of One-off stuffs. Bike has valid road tax.

The ONLY UNIT in the Country!!..

I have a low reserved pricing for the Bike.

Offer me your best price and if it meet my reserved-pricing, the ONLY-ONE Cafe Racer will be yours.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


(ALL SOLD)Selling Kodak 64T Tungsten Color reversal Film. [ see sample pic above., cool eh?]
ONLY 15 rolls left and Very Rare find all shutter bugs... Its a EPY 120 films.., and you know what camera can be fitted in .. except you wanna be creative and do some 'modification' to them. So.., Be quick.... Rare Find !!

Per Roll @ BND$8.00
or Take Whole LOT (15 rolls) @ BND$100.00 [share with your friends boys and girls...]

FOR SALE - Kodak Pro 100 Tmax B&W Film

Have a LOT (20 rolls) of Kodak Pro Tmax 100 B&W Film for sale.  Wrapped in a sealed Plastic and unopen yet.  This is the LOT of the last 2o rolls. Be quick to Grab them!!

Less than 10 rolls @ BND$3.50 per pop.
Whole LOT ( 20 rolls) @ BND$55.00 - [ your maths..]

Monday, February 9, 2009


Another LOT (12 issues) for Harley or Big Bike enthusiasts ...

This Lot Consisted ::

American Iron - 9 issues
American Riders - 3 issues

Selling this Lot ONLY @ BND$12


Selling BIG LOT (22 issues!!) of Biking Mag for Motorcycle enthusiasts..,

This Lot consisted of :

BLVD ( boulevard) - 3 issues
MotorCyclist - 7 issues
Rider - 6 issues
Motorcycle Cruiser - 4 issues
Cruising Rider - 1 issue
Touring Rider - 1 issue

That's A BIG lot ONLY @ BND$17


Selling another LOT (19 issues!!) of 4x4 magazines for FOUR Wheeler enthusiasts..,

This Lot consisted of ::

Four Wheeler - 5 issues
Off-Road - 5 issues
4Wheel Drive - 4 issues
Open Road - 2 issues
4 Wheel & Off Road - 3 issues
Selling this LOT for ONLY @ BND$15

FOR SALE - AudioPhile & HiFi Magazines .. Cheap!!!

Selling yet another bulk (10 issues + 2 free supplements) of my ole' magazines that I spent $$$$ to buy them.. Clearing some space for more new ones ....

This lot consisted of ::

HiFiWorld - 8 issues (+ free 2 supplement issues)
Audiophile - 2 issues

All above ONLY @ BND$15

Sunday, February 8, 2009

FOR SALE - AudioVideo Interiors & HiFi Magazines .. Cheap!!!

Selling another Bulk (10 issues) of ole' Magazines., for Audio & Video enthusiasts..,

The bulk consisted of ::

AudioVideo Interiors - 5 issues
Hifi Choice - 2 issues
What Hifi - 1 issue
Hifi News & Record Review - 1 issue
Sound & Image - 1 issue

All above ONLY @ BND$10 


The Magazine for Creative Photographer --

Selling here a Bulk of ole' photography Magazines (16 issues) for your reference usage. It might help to trigger the creative mind more.

The Bulk consisted of :

Camera & Darkroom - 9 issues
PhotoPro - 2 issues
PhotoAsia - 3 issues
Popular Photography - 1 issue
Photo World - 1 issue

ALL the above for ONLY BND$10 nett.

[more to come...]

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

FOR SALE - PURE Russian LOMO Cmeha35 (made in USSR)

PURE Russian Lomo Cmeha 35

pic : here

Straight out the LOMO St Petersburg production house. The Smena ancestral line dates back to the early 1950s and was originally created by LOMO as a way to make photography accessible to young, hard-working Soviets.

The last ‘35’ rolled off the Lomo assembly line and became a part of Lomo history in 1995. The ‘35’ is the newer, funked-up model of the clan. Black with slick 80s lettering, the Smena 35mm looks like a bit of a dude. It shares all features you come to expect from a Smena; including Lomo 3 element, coated Triplet lens, nifty icon-based exposure guide, and fully manual aperture, shutter speed, and focal distance controls. Plus the quintessentially Lomo “B” setting allows you unlimited long exposure control! If multi-exposures are your thing then the ‘35’ is your boy.

The real jewel in the crown, however, is the handy flash hotshoe feature. The Smena is a star in all lights but secretly the ‘35’ loves nothing more than to be on the streets after dark. Slide on any flash and the night is yours for the snapping!

It was recently revealed to us by our all-knowing linguistic experts that the word Smena means ‘change of shift’. So what better camera could there be to have with you when the day changes to night? Or night turns to day? Or work into play?

- one unit of LOMO Cmeha 35 [some similar functions as the taiko, the LC-A]
- Very very good condition ( as new)
- Offer @ BND$205