Thursday, December 31, 2009

Russian LOMO Smena 6 (Black/Grey body) [SOLD]

Russian LOMO SMENA 6 [ grey & black body]

pics : here & pics : here & here

Cameras Smena-6 were produced by factory "LOMO" since 1961 up to 1969. There is a synchronizer and selftimer

Film accept: 35mm
Frame size 24X36mm
Shutter speed - 1/15, 1/30,1/60, 1/125, 1/250,"B".
Lenses: T-43, Diafragm: 4-16

- one unit of LOMO SMENA6 [grey & black body]
- comes in original brown leather casing/pouch
- Very very good condition ( as new)
- offer NOW ONLY @ BND$155

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Highly Collectables - NIKON F2 Silver Body !!

Review & About : Here & Here

NIKON F2 [silver body] with Original Nikkor 1:1.8, 50mm lens
- one unit of NIKON F2 [silver body] with Lens
- useable mint condition
- comes with a Original Nikkor 1:1.8, 50mm lens
- shutter speed ~ B till 2000
- serial # F2 - 8060093
- Stealing Price = BND$550

Legendary KODAK ELITEchrome 400 36 exp

The very last of my batch for this legendary film, KODAK ELITECHROME 400 36exp!!!
After this, I will have none at all anymore as my supplier has made his millions and decided to retire.

Lomography and others site are selling this beauty at a very very high price.

This is one of my fav film for the x-processed works.

I currently have 4 pallets and each pallets consisted of 20 juicy rolls,
that means I ONLY have 80 rolls with me.

BND$7.50 a pop for less than 10 rolls
BND$7.00 a pop for over 10 rolls.

Bring your dough boys and girls.