Saturday, July 12, 2008

FOR SALE - LOMO ColorSplash

LOMO ColorSplash [white with rotating colored flash]
- one unit of LOMO ColorSplash
- With the compact Colorsplash in your hands, you're ready and armed to repaint your entire environment.
Rotate the integrated flash Color Wheel and choose from a selection of colored flash lights to toss upon your subject.
The elements of exposure time, flash color, subject color, exterior light, and the manic curiosity of your lomographic eye come together to yield an endless number of potential techniques and outcomes. Remember, "colorsplash" is a philosophy. This is merely your tool to get there.


retroman said...

SOLD!! ..

Thanks to disconinjas ...

disconinjas said...

fell in love with it ever since.

long live films!

thanks again bro! let me know if anythin.

oza said...

i guess this one is sold?? but, if its not much to ask, do you know where i can find the same exact one? thank you