Tuesday, September 9, 2008

FOR SALE - PURE Russian LOMO Cmeha35 (made in USSR)

PURE Russian Lomo Cmeha 35

pic : here

Straight out the LOMO St Petersburg production house. The Smena ancestral line dates back to the early 1950s and was originally created by LOMO as a way to make photography accessible to young, hard-working Soviets.

The last ‘35’ rolled off the Lomo assembly line and became a part of Lomo history in 1995. The ‘35’ is the newer, funked-up model of the clan. Black with slick 80s lettering, the Smena 35mm looks like a bit of a dude. It shares all features you come to expect from a Smena; including Lomo 3 element, coated Triplet lens, nifty icon-based exposure guide, and fully manual aperture, shutter speed, and focal distance controls. Plus the quintessentially Lomo “B” setting allows you unlimited long exposure control! If multi-exposures are your thing then the ‘35’ is your boy.

The real jewel in the crown, however, is the handy flash hotshoe feature. The Smena is a star in all lights but secretly the ‘35’ loves nothing more than to be on the streets after dark. Slide on any flash and the night is yours for the snapping!

It was recently revealed to us by our all-knowing linguistic experts that the word Smena means ‘change of shift’. So what better camera could there be to have with you when the day changes to night? Or night turns to day? Or work into play?

- one unit of LOMO Cmeha 35 [some similar functions as the taiko, the LC-A]
- Very very good condition ( as new)
- Offer @ BND$205

Monday, July 14, 2008

FOR SALE - St. Peterburg's LOMO LC-A [the taiko of LOMO]

ST. PETERBURG'S LOMO LC-A [with Russian Lens]
* the TAIKO of all LOMO * [ Just SOLD !! ~ Thanks to AWGku]
** the Legend **

Pics : Here , (Brilliant shots !!)

Pics : Here

++ Size: 4.25" (10.5cm) x 2.5" (6cm) x 1.6" (4cm)
++ Weight: 0.65lb (0.3kg)
++ Format: all 35mm (color negative, slide, b&w)
++ Lens: Minitar 1 32/2.8 (Multicoated)
++ Focal length: 32mm
++ Available apertures: 2.8, 4, 5.6, 8, 11, 16
++ Shutter speeds: 1/500 to unlimited (via auto-exposure)
++ Exposure: program automatic (selects aperture & shutter automatically)
++ Multiple Exposure switch for unlimited shots on 1 frame
++ Flash: standard hotshoe with second-curtain sync
++ Offer @ BND$515

The Legendary Minitar 1 32/2.8 lens
The single greatest attribute taken from the original Lomo LC-A design. This multi-coated little beauty is the reason for most of the Lomo’s magical & famous effects – including over-intense color saturation, sharp contrast, vignetting at the edges, occasionally selective focus, and a whole host of other quirks that only the Lomo’s analog wizardy can deliver. Like the original, this Minitar 1 is made exactly to Professor Radionov’s exacting specifications, and is hand-crafted with love and pride. The glass is multicoated to minimize internal reflections and maximize color and contrast. Its wide angle view captures a healthy chunk of everything in front of you and its bright f/2.8 maximum aperture lets all that natural, ambient light come streaming right in. The Minitar 1 lens is produced in two locations. The LC-A+ RL lens is produced at the original LOMO factory of St. Petersburg, Russia. Both lenses share identical specifications, and are capable of producing the same gorgeous, Lomo-style images.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

FOR SALE - KONICA C35 Point & Shoot automatic [silver body]

KONICA C35 automatic [Silver Body]

Review : Here & Here
Pics : Here

- one unit of KONICA C35 Automatic [silver]
- comes in original black pouch
- Very good condition ( as new)
- offer @ BND$175

FOR SALE - Russian Zenith-E Rangefinder


Pics : Here
Pic : Here

- comes with leather strap & leather casing
- mint condition
- offer @ BND$235



Review : Here
Pics : Here

- one unit of LOMO Smena Symbol
- comes in original factory box
- comes with leather strap & leather casing
- Very good condition ( as new)
- offer @ BND$175



pics : Here
review : Here

- one unit of PENTAX KM SLR
- useable mint condition
- comes with a Pentax Original 1:1.4, 50mm lens
- shutter speed ~ B till 1000
- serial # 8331128
- offer @ BND$130

FOR SALE - LOMO ColorSplash

LOMO ColorSplash [white with rotating colored flash]
- one unit of LOMO ColorSplash
- With the compact Colorsplash in your hands, you're ready and armed to repaint your entire environment.
Rotate the integrated flash Color Wheel and choose from a selection of colored flash lights to toss upon your subject.
The elements of exposure time, flash color, subject color, exterior light, and the manic curiosity of your lomographic eye come together to yield an endless number of potential techniques and outcomes. Remember, "colorsplash" is a philosophy. This is merely your tool to get there.


- one unit of Russian LOMO Smena8
-Smena 8M cameras is a classic LOMO icon. They were produced at the legendary Lomo PLC factory of St. Petersburg,
Russia in the early 80's. Its 3-element glass Triplet lens yields eye-popping color saturation and contrast.
Offer @ BND$155

photos: here , here , here , here, here & here

Friday, July 11, 2008

FOR SALE - Olympus Trip35 point & shoot

Olympus Trip35 point&shoot
- one unit of classic Olympus Trip35 P&S camera
- mint condition, useable and use 35mm film
- offer @ BND$125

Pics : Here

Pics : Here

FOR SALE - russian FED5B Rangefinder camera [Olympic Edition]

Russian FED5B RangeFinder camera [Olympic Edition]
- one unit of classic FED5B russian rangefinder camera
- mint condition, useable and use 35mm film
- comes with leather case and strap
- offer @ BND$190

view photos : FED5B

view photos : FED5B

FOR SALE - russian FED 5B Rangefinder camera

Russian FED5B camera
- one unit of classic FED5B russian rangefinder camera
- mint condition, useable and use 35mm film
- comes with leather case and strap
- offer @ BND$145

view photos : FED5B

view photos : FED5B